We’ve created not one, but four issues of Moneybags, enough to last you for one full year of quarterly newsletters.

Upon subscribing, you’ll receive a CD containing the four issues saved as PageMaker®, Quark® and PDF® files.

You - or us - or your printer (or anyone else you choose) are welcome to change as much or as little as you’d like in each issue.

If you have a special message or promotion, just replace one of the pre-written articles or activities; if you have nothing to add, print it as-is.

Need your logo in it? Drop it in.
Need to show your street or Web address? Type it in.
Have favorite pieces of clip art or photos of your members? Put them in.
Already have a Youth Club? Have your characters introduce ours!
Not printing in color? You can convert Moneybags to print black & white.

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