Providing a youth club newsletter to kids is an excellent way of promoting the credit union mission to the next generation of credit union members.

At Mid-Minnesota Federal Credit Union, I’ve been pleasantly surprised by the enthusiasm and interest kids have shown in the quarterly newsletter I produce, NewsBites.
Kids recall our newsletter and credit union when I visit area schools;
Attendance at our activities for kids has skyrocketed;
Teachers use the newsletter as a tool in the classroom;
Our popular parade float features newsletter characters;
Our youth newsletter is always the first to need restocking in our lobbies; and
Parents tell me they appreciate the common sense in the articles.

This is why I'm so excited about Moneybags. For significantly less than what I pay for my NewsBites newsletter, you can offer your youth members a personalized and colorful newsletter!

Marty Kelly
Vice President, Marketing
Mid-Minnesota Federal Credit Union